Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

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Welcome to Select Nutrition by Francesca Marcella, where I passionately believe each person can manage their well-being and transform their perspective on nutrition.

  • About me.

    As a Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, I employ coaching, reflection, and personalized program content to guide each woman I work with toward achieving her optimal shape, mindset, and a guilt-free relationship with food – where it becomes a friend, not an adversary.

  • 'Real' nutritious foods.

    My effective weight loss program is designed to promote the consumption of 'real' nutritious foods, introduce new and simple recipes, and enhance organization around food choices.

  • I prioritize healthy eating.

    I am a food enthusiast with a laid-back approach to eating. Following the 80/20 rule in my personal diet, I prioritize healthy, nutritious foods for 80% of the day while allowing flexibility for occasional treats. My food philosophy centers on quality ingredients, uncomplicated cooking methods, and a diverse range of foods.


  • A good focus and interest in women's health.

    My interest in women's health and weight loss intensified when I successfully addressed my own hormonal issues through dietary and lifestyle changes. My primary mission is to provide services that are not only effective but also manageable and motivating, allowing everyone to evolve into the best possible version of themselves.

  • The next steps.

    Let me help you in embarking on a refreshing journey to reshape your relationship with food.