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My approach.

My approach doesn't fixate on counting calories, carbs, fats, or proteins, nor does it involve creating lists of "good" and "bad" foods. Instead, I collaborate with my clients to cultivate healthy and balanced eating habits in a flexible and motivating manner, ensuring that the results are sustainable. 

Understanding the fundamentals of healthy eating and incorporating nourishing, therapeutic foods into your meals can yield remarkable outcomes. I strive to provide practical tips and deliver simple, quick recipes to make everything manageable and hassle-free for my clients. 

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  • Step 1:

    Once you've scheduled the commencement of your rebalancing journey, we will initiate with a 60-minute consultation. In this session, we will delve deeply into comprehending your current position in your health journey and outlining your goals for the program. This involves a thorough examination of medical history, symptoms analysis, and evaluations of your food and lifestyle.

  • Step 2:

    Following our initial session, I will proceed to craft your inaugural bespoke wellness plan and blueprint. This comprehensive plan addresses nutrition, lifestyle considerations, and supplement recommendations to rebalance your body, all tailored to your specific goals. It will also encompass a curated selection of handpicked recipes, sample menu plans, and wellness tools.

  • Step 3:

    Support & Coaching via Chat & Check-In Calls - Throughout the entire month, you will enjoy direct access to my client portal app, enabling you to engage in direct online messaging with me for inquiries and to receive additional guidance and support. Additionally, halfway through each month, we will conduct a 15-minute phone call to check in and reinforce accountability with your plan.

  • Step 4:

    Monthly Consultations - Every month, we will conduct 30-minute follow-up consultations to assess your progress, celebrate achievements, and discuss the next steps. Following this, I will generate an updated bespoke wellness plan, incorporating necessary adjustments and additions. 

    All consultations are via video call (Zoom) so you can access me no matter where you’re based. 

  • Follow up consultation.

    Subsequent sessions are conducted to assess your advancements and implement any required adjustments for the future. These follow-up consultations are scheduled for 30 minutes. Should any modifications be introduced during this phase, an updated version of your plan will be provided for your reference until the next session.

What will your journey look like.

Exploration meeting.

During your complimentary 15-minute exploration session, we will explore the reasons behind your interest in improving your diet, and I will propose ways in which I can assist you. Feel free to inquire about anything. There is no requirement or pressure to schedule any additional appointments.

Preparation process. 

To maximize the effectiveness of your session, you will be requested to fill out a lifestyle questionnaire and a food diary. Depending on our collaboration, you might also be asked to keep a symptom diary. Francesca will utilize this information to prepare for your consultation, incorporating additional research as needed.

First session

During your initial 60-minute session, we will thoroughly delve into the details of your diet and lifestyle to formulate a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan that aligns with your comfort and confidence. You are not required to take notes during the session, as you will receive a digital copy of your nutrition and lifestyle plan in the days following your appointment.

Consistent assistance.

Your follow-up sessions are designed to provide ongoing support, allowing for adjustments to your plan as needed. We will also take time to reflect on and celebrate your achievements. Depending on the chosen collaboration format, you may have access to continuous support between scheduled appointments.