About me.

Francesca Marcella, a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) based in London, specializes in empowering women (and men) to make healthier food choices without imposing restrictions. 

Having successfully overcome her own struggles with a negative relationship with food and navigating through the maze of nutritional misinformation, Francesca has a unique ability to empathize with her clients. She understands their perspective and connects with them in a manner that sets her apart from other nutritionists. 

Francesca is driven by a mission to provide straightforward, practical, and accessible nutrition support. She guides her clients in discovering the joy of food and how it can nourish and nurture both the body and mind. Renowned for her empathetic and collaborative approach, Francesca helps her clients thrive, enabling them to achieve and surpass their dietary and lifestyle goals in a manner that aligns with their individual preferences. 

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Francesca Marcella.

"In the contemporary world, I recognize the challenges posed by personal, social, and environmental factors when it comes to navigating the realms of food and health. The inundation of conflicting health messages, the influence of 'nutrition advice' on social media, and the everyday stressors of life can be overwhelming. That's why I'm here to lend a helping hand. I am passionate about helping others by sharing my knowledge of nutrition and physical activity, with a focus on fostering healthy relationships with food and exercise. I consider myself fortunate to be part of an industry that captivates my interest and holds relevance for everyone. Hence, I'm here to share my favorite recipes and offer professional health guidance that is not only realistic and understandable but also firmly grounded in evidence." 


Find support in a wide range of areas, including: 

  • Healthy eating 
  • Digestive health  
  • Weight management 
  • Hormonal health  
  • Heart health (high cholesterol, high blood pressure) 
  • Plant-based diets 
  • Food freedom and intuitive eating
  • Regulating blood sugar levels
  • Designing sport performance diets for optimizing body function and achieving peak performance